Rubber King barn mats are the ideal anti-slip surface for loading ramps, stalls and walkways. Our non vulcanized process ensures maximum safety even in wet conditions allowing you to load and transfer animals safely and quickly.

These mats are also easy to clean, insulating and provide enhanced ergonomic properties to help provide better care to young, sick or injured animals.


  • Increased Density
  • Slip Resistant (even when wet)
  • Impact Absorbing
  • Insulating
  • Non-Vulcanized

"All Rubber King products are Floor Score™ Certified for the highest level of indoor air quality. All come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty."

Manufacture Number Edge Size Thickness Colour
RE59VN4X612010FM Square 48"x72" 12mm Black
RE59VN4X615010FM Square 48"x72" 15mm Black
RE59VN4X619010FM Square 48"x72" 19mm Black

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