Performance Fitness Flooring, Fitness Mats, and Fitness Tiles

Create the ultimate home fitness environment with Rubber King's industry leading fitness flooring. Designed and engineered for maximum safety, ergonomics and sound reduction.

Suitable for all indoor fitness applications.


  • Low Odor
  • Increased Density
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Sound & Impact Absorbing
  • Slip Resistant (even when wet)
  • Non-Vulcanized

"All Rubber King products are Floor Score™ Certified for the highest level of indoor air quality. All come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty."

Fitness Performance Flooring

Cover a small space or an entire room with our high performance interlocking fitness flooring. Offered in a variety of colors these mats are easy to place, move and store if needed.

Manufacture Number Edge Size Thickness Pieces Colour
RE800106014B Interlocking 19"x19" 6mm 10 Black
RE810406DDE4B Interlocking 19"x19" 6mm 10 Blue/Grey Speckled
RE810406DDG4B Interlocking 19"x19" 6mm 10 Grey Speckled
RE800108014B Interlocking 19"x19" 8mm 8 Black
RE810408DDH4B Interlocking 19"x19" 8mm 8 Beige Speckled
RE810408DDJ4B Interlocking 19"x19" 8mm 8 Blue Speckled
RE821408BBW4B Interlocking 19"x19" 8mm 8 Grey/Grey Speckled
RE821408BBX4B Interlocking 19"x19" 8mm 8 Beige/Grey Speckled
REVN624X2406014B Interlocking 24"x24" 6mm 6 Black
REVN624X2406DDC4B Interlocking 24"x24" 6mm 6 Grey/Beige Speckled
REVN624X2406DDE4B Interlocking 24"x24" 6mm 6 Blue/Grey Speckled
REVN624X2406DDF4B Interlocking 24"x24" 6mm 6 Grey/Red Speckled
REVN624X2406DDG4B Interlocking 24"x24" 6mm 6 Grey Speckled
REVN624X2406DDH4B Interlocking 24"x24" 6mm 6 Beige Speckled
REVN624X2406DDJ4B Interlocking 24"x24" 6mm 6 Blue Speckled

Fitness Mats

Rubber King's fitness mats help to protect your floors from cardio machine and weight lifting equipment, and can be used as a workout mat for free-weights, stretching and yoga.

Manufacture Number Edge Size Thickness Colour
RE59VN2X603010RBI Square 24"x72" 3mm Black
RE59VN4X603010RBI Square 48"x72" 3mm Black
RE59VN3X405010RBI Square 36"x48" 5mm Black
RE59VN3X605010RBI Square 36"x72" 5mm Black
RE59VN4X607010FMRBI Square 48"x72" 7mm Black

Ranked #2 in Best Outdoor Exercise Mats:

Fitness Tiles

Our fitness tiles are the ideal solution when a higher level of either impact or sound absorbtion is required. Enjoy quieter workouts with less sound transfer.

Manufacture Number Type Size Thickness Pieces Colour
REVR403025012F2B Half 12”x24” 1" 2 Black
REVR403025012FB Full Tile 24”x24” 1" 1 Black
REVR403025012FX2B Full Tile 24”x24” 1" 2 Black
REVR403040012FB Full Tile 24”x24” 1.75" 1 Black
REVR403040012F2B Half Tile 12”x24” 1.75" 2 Black

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