Installation and Guides

Download our guides, warranties, and manuals for all information you need to successfully install and maintain your recycled rubber flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to keep the arrow in the same orientation. IE: top right-hand side of each tile and keep this configuration for each tile.

We give directions on which side is the top and bottom so that the color texture and shade are consistent when a customer purchases more than 1 mat. The production process adds a sheen to one side. When a customer purchases multiple units we want to make sure that the customer has both mats facing the same way to give a consistent shade.

Rubber King by offers a 5-year limited warranty on all our products.

Rubber King Play Tiles are the perfect product for outdoor play areas. They are ASTM tested to meet a 6 foot fall height

Shoes or bare feet are fine on the flooring.

Rubber King Fitness Mats and Performance Fitness Flooring are the best options for home gym equipment. For increased impact and sound absorbion please consider our Fitness Tiles.

We always recommend an initial cleaning upon receipt and installation of the product. If you are sensitive to the low odor we would recommend cleaning with a scented based household cleaner. All our products are FloorScore certified for the highest level of indoor air quality.

Sweeping & light mopping with all-purpose household cleaner/solution.

Absolutely, the mats and tiles are easy to cut. We suggest laying tile on a flat surface, hold a metal straight edge on the desired cut line, and cut with a sharp utility knife. Keep scoring the cut until separated; change or snap off blade frequently to ensure clean cuts.

Currently we do not offer edge pieces. To create a flat edge on your tiles, use a straight edge and a utility knife to cut off the tabs.

All Rubber King products are made with recycled rubber (black) and if colored incorporate the use of EPDM granules.
The shade per tile could vary slightly due to the random dispersion of these granules and is not considered a product defect.

We do not recommend using Rubber King flooring directly on carpet as the tiles and mats will move.  Installation over a hard substrate is best.

There is no requirement for an underlayment. Installing direct to concrete (hard substrate) is the preferred method of installation.

You can use double sided tape on the perimeter if required to limit any movement you may be experiencing.
. Tap mats together as you install for a tight fit. Do not install over carpet.